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Updated 7/20/99

I'm a big fan of the Sundays, so I made some paintings of the band. Some of the paintings were made by watching MTV.MTV is an acronym for music television. It is basically a channel which plays music, generally rock, against a backdrop of images(this combination of music and images is called a "video" for short). Often, the "videos" are of the musicians performing the music that is being played. This was the case with the Sundays whose "videos" I've used to create these paintings. I also used a VCR which can freeze the picture with the "pause" function.
Here are the paintings(Click on picture to see bigger version):
Harriet Picture 2 of Harriet Wheeler
Harriet 3 Picture 3 of Harriet Wheeler
Harriet 4 Picture 4 of Harriet Wheeler
Anime Harriet
Harriet and Dave Harriet Wheeler and David Gavurin
Copyright San Le

Here are some links to other Sundays' pages:

Visit Cynthia's Page and sign up for the Sundays' mailing list. A few years ago, some members of the list created an absolutely wonderful tribute album. If you're a fan, owning it would be better than having all the posters and videos and autographs and bootlegs. Check Cynthia's page out to get more information.

Also, Colin Shaw's Page has lots of information.

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