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Picture of Harriet and Dave

Updated 9/4/05

Picture of Harriet and Dave
This painting is a composite of 2 images from the video "Here's Where the Story Ends"(song 2 on their first album "Reading, Writing, & Arithmetic").

Although David looks accurate, Harriet does not. This is due to the fact that still images from videos are difficult to work from unless they are based on a close up of the performer. That's one of the reasons why I've focused mostly on Harriet. Being the singer, she gets very nice close ups while David, Paul, and Patrick are filmed in a longer shot so we can see them play the instruments.

Copyright 1994

Harriet 1 Picture 2 of Harriet Wheeler
Harriet 3 Picture 3 of Harriet Wheeler
Harriet 4 Picture 4 of Harriet Wheeler

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